Acupuncture at the Mae Tao Clinic

I fled winter in China for northern Thailand, where I was volunteering at the Mae Tao Clinic. MTC was started in 1989, BY refugees from Burma, FOR refugees from Burma's civil war, and it's still going strong. Its beginnings were simple, as concerned people -- Dr. Cynthia Maung and others -- just tried to find solutions for an … Continue reading Acupuncture at the Mae Tao Clinic


China-Africa Medical Cooperation

From the MSF website, a presentation and analysis of the services provided by Chinese medical teams in African nations since the 1960's. One of my visiting teachers at SIOM, Dr. Wu Bo-Ping, participated in these projects! I think a really important part of this piece is the acknowledgement of the importance of approaching medical aid situations … Continue reading China-Africa Medical Cooperation