Acupuncture at the Mae Tao Clinic

I fled winter in China for northern Thailand, where I was volunteering at the Mae Tao Clinic. MTC was started in 1989, BY refugees from Burma, FOR refugees from Burma's civil war, and it's still going strong. Its beginnings were simple, as concerned people -- Dr. Cynthia Maung and others -- just tried to find solutions for an … Continue reading Acupuncture at the Mae Tao Clinic


Learning to look at research

Another study on the use of acupuncture was recently in the news. My source story came from Reuters, titled "Acupuncture Needling Doesn't Ease Menopausal Hot Flashes", which not so surprisingly is following previous studies showing benefits. The study used a nice large-ish sample size: 327 Australian women, and offered them 10 treatments over 8 weeks … Continue reading Learning to look at research

Traces of Chinese Medicine in Modern China

Living in China as a Chinese medicine practitioner trained elsewhere gives me a special outlook. In my daily life, I find that I’m often looking out for glimpses of traditional medicine. And these glimpses tell a funny story! Modern China has become incredibly modernized, at an incredible pace. In a few short years, the majority of … Continue reading Traces of Chinese Medicine in Modern China

Federal coverage for Acupuncture services

Acupuncture practitioners are recognized as medical professionals in most of the U.S. and some private health insurance policies offer coverage for acupuncture services, but not federal insurance policies -- like Medicare. I just argued for establishing AOM post-graduate clinical residency programs, akin to those that the Western medicine profession has. Those programs are largely paid for by … Continue reading Federal coverage for Acupuncture services

We need our own residency programs

Gettin' there.... Acupuncture especially and our other traditional medical treatments are being used more frequently in modern America. We seem to be very slowly getting integrated into the conventional medical usage (emphasis on the slo-o-o-owly, somewhat like easing one's body into a cold ocean dip). But still, we're treated a bit like the proverbial redheaded step-child. Recently, … Continue reading We need our own residency programs

“Advanced” Acupuncture? !#!?

One day a few weeks ago, my Google news alert sent me this: Advanced Acupuncture Helps Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain. Well, gee, heck yeah! Of course, acupuncture can help with chronic pelvic pain -- and irregular menstrual cycles -- and premenstrual discomfort -- and lots of other complaints! But, hey, what is this "advanced acupuncture" technique? … Continue reading “Advanced” Acupuncture? !#!?