Where Our Wild Selves Live

A New Year’s Resolution.

We all need more Nature in our lives. All cultures, at their most human moments, find glory in the most inhuman rhythms of sunrises, sunsets, wild storms, mountain vistas, desert scenes, beaches, green forests & jungles, the world of flowers & bugs & fierce lions & tigers & bears!

We all do, certainly I do, and one thing this truncated year (for me, YMMV) has taught me is that i need to GO OUT MORE!

We humans need the natural world, despite our constant striving for artificiality. For me, 2016 had only a few natural moments. I visited parks with waterfalls in Thailand; I was briefly in the foothills of Emei mountain 峨眉山, breathing in its cool ion-rich air; and i went to Boyd Nature reserve on one of my Coffeeneuring rides. The fat bulk of my days have been spent inside:screenshot_2017-01-03-05-42-05 in apartments & classrooms in China; in hospitals and condominiums in Florida, and inside oh-so-many elevator cars! Now, i’m on the brink of returning to “my” dirty Chengdu city, so it’s even more imperative to make as much effort as possible to GET OUT whenever i can.

What do we want? A WWW (World Without Walls)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(These are from my excursions to waterfalls in Thailand. On one of these, i went with 3 other volunteers from Mae Tao, and at one point, we sat alongside the waterfall, looking up at trees, and had nothing to say for about 30 minutes. Our hearts were too full to drain out through our mouths!


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